Bedroom Bliss Bondage Tantra Sex Sofa with Multiple Restraint Points - BLACK

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This sexy, comfortable Tantra Sex Sofa lounge is perfect for adding some spice to your life! Made out of high-density foam, it's easy to move and compact when shipped. This bondage couch opens up a world of possibilities that enable you and your lover to explore countless new sex positions that support your body and theirs!

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With 26 metal restraint points along the sides and bottom of this chaise lounge, you can restrain your partner with cuffs that attach to D-rings. The soft, faux suede outer cover feels exquisite against your bare skin and the foam is protected by a water-resistant inner cover, both of which are machine washable. Bring your partner new levels of kinky comfort with this Bondage couch! Choose the restraints of your choice and hook your lover up to any of the 26 attachment points. There are 12 on each side and 2 at the base. Attach her ankles or wrists to any point or add in extra bondage straps to really bind her to the couch. With high density foam, you can easily move the couch but still be able to count on the firm, comfortable support this chaise lounge offers! Open up a variety of positions to make your BDSM dreams come true! After placing wrist and ankle cuffs on them, hook their wrists up above their head and their ankles down below while they're face up. With their legs spread, warm them up with some oral attention between their thighs. Once they're warmed up, reposition them and climb on top! Or turn it into a scene and bring out the vibrators, feather ticklers, whips and floggers! Turn them to face you or put them in doggy! Have them upside down or right side up. Either of you can be high or low on the couch to adjust for different positions that help you both reach orgasmic new heights! Measurements: Overall length: 168 cm length x 44 cm width x 48 cm height. Max Weight: 200 kg Materials: Foam, polyester, nylon, metal Colour: Black Key Features: - High Density Foam: This foam is supportive, comfortable and firm so it can support you and your lover's bodies! It can also be compressed into a smaller size to make shipping easy! - 26 Attachment Points: With 12 attachment points on each side and 2 at the base of the couch, you have lots of new ways to bind your babe in bondage while they feel comfortable and supported! - Nickel-Free Metal and Faux Suede: All metal is nickel-free and body-safe. The faux suede outer cover is super soft and made of polyester. - Machine Washable Covers: The outer layer is soft and removable and so is the water-resistant inner layer that protects the foam. Simply throw both in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

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