About Us

is an Australian, sexual lifestyle products retailer.

We are a true blue, 100% Australian company, owned by Australians and located in Melbourne. Many of our largest Australian competitors are - or have become - foreign owned, so why not support fellow Aussies and keep money, and jobs, in Australia! 

We are focused on delivering the best quality and widest range of adult intimate products on the market, catering to all sexual preferences, at the most competitive prices. We source premium adult products, locally and from around the world, to offer our customers the most complete and satisfying buying experience.

We believe that sex is part of your lifestyle, of who you are, not just the physical act. So we also offer a range of non-sexual products, to help you express yourself & celebrate your lifestyle. 

Shhh... offers you free delivery - regardless of your order value! So if you forget to buy something there's no stress. You can order another item and still get free delivery. We don't believe our customers should be forced to spend a minimum amount and order extra things they don't really need before they get delivery throw in. We give it to you every time, no matter how much you spend. 

With over 10,000 products and our focused customer service, we want to be your favourite sexual lifestyle retailer. We offer our services exclusively to customers in Australia & New Zealand. Make Shhh… your go-to online store for vibrators, dildos, stimulators, enhancers, masturbators, sex toys, sex accessories, sex dolls, novelty adult products and everything else you need for a great night in, and to reach that orgasm that you, or both of you, or all of you, are after!! 

Thanks for your interest in us!