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Dildos for Sale Australie FAQs

What is a dildo?

Dildos are sex toys that men and women can use for masturbation. They can be used in the mouth, pussy, or anus and are often shaped like the real thing, although not always. Many variations of shape, size and materials get used for a dildo. They vary significantly in girth, length, and feel and aren’t always used to penetrate.

What size online dildo should I buy?

If you have never previously experienced using a dildo, buy something nice, small, and comfortable that you can enjoy before you move on to some different types and the bigger sex toys. All our products are safe and manufactured to the highest quality, but starting with something like a Colours Pleasures Vibrating 5” Dong is a good place to start. But, at the end of the day, it’s all down to personal preference, and if you want 13” Blackout, and you’re comfortable with that, and it gives you the afterglow you’re looking for, then get the lube out and enjoy!

Why do I need to use lubrication with my new dildo?

Using lube when you masturbate when you use dildo sex toys is always advisable to avoid any possible injury from friction. Whether you use dildoes alone or with a partner, get yourself turned on as you usually would and use water or oil-based lube such as SwissNavy, Pjur, or Jo. Before using any lube, just ensure that you don’t have any reaction to a product, but once you’re ready to go, you’ll be able to relax, have much more pleasure and be completely satisfied.

Why is it important to clean a dildo after use?

It’s super important to keep dildo sex toys clean to prevent the possibility of infection. The genital tissue of the vagina is actually very absorbent, so using a dirty dildo could lead to yeast infections, UTIs, or flare-ups of bacterial vaginosis. Whether it’s toys that you use vaginally for yourself or DP dildoes that you share with partners, ensure you take care of your sex toy and your sexual health, and clean using a product from Good Clean Fun, Pjur, Jo, or any of our specific toy cleaning products.

How many dildos does your online dildo store stock?

Shhh… have over 130 different sex toys for those looking for cheap dildos for sale. We stock double-ended dildos, dongs for double penetration, suction cup dildos, rigid and flexible cocks, every length and girth you can imagine and classic dildos. We have all different types of cheap dildos in stock.

What are the average dildo prices in your online dildo shop?

At Shhh…, we offer cheap dildos online because we don’t think that exploring and enjoying your sexual freedom should cost you a fortune. You can buy dildos online at our store for the best prices in Australia. Our lowest-priced toy is the Satisfyer Plugs Booty Call set, which will cost you under $30. At the top end of the scale is a 50cm extra large realistic skin-feel monster for just under $300. If you look at our online dildo store, you’ll see we have an enormous variety in the $30-$70 range.