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Shhh… works hard to ensure that every customer has the best experience possible when shopping with our online adult store. Australia-wide free postage on all purchases is something we provide that keeps our prices as low as possible and ahead of all other adult sex shops online. We also take your privacy extremely seriously when you make a purchase. Whether it’s a packet of arousal gel, a butt plug set, or a life-size sex doll, our online sex shop doesn’t use any promotion on the delivery packaging.When people shop with top online sex stores, they expect a vast product range, a certain level of customer service, with excellent quality products at the lowest prices. The Shhh… online sex store provides all of these for our discerning customers ensuring that customers leave our online sex shop happy. Our customers love our range of more than 10.000 adult products, and they continue to come back for more, knowing that of all the sex stores Australia offers, Shhh… is #1 Adult Sex Shop Online FAQs

Does your online adult store offer free delivery across Australia?

Yes! Shhh… provides free delivery across Australia on all products through our range using very discreet packaging. By doing this, we keep the cost as low as possible for our customers, which makes us the cheapest online adult sex shop in the country.

Why is Shhh… the best online sex shop Australia offers?

There are several reasons why we are considered the best online sex shop in Australia. We have arguably the biggest and most extensive range of quality products and premium sex toys from all of your favourite brands, free discreet delivery, and a friendly team that promote sexual empowerment and sexual happiness.

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We have many products that sell very well, from some novelty items to vibrators. Bullet vibrators are very popular as they can be kept in your handbag when you’re out, and you fancy a little bit of self-pleasure. Eggs are another popular choice amongst our female clients, and for men, cock rings and prostate massagers are ever popular from our online adult store. Sex machines have become hugely popular & Shhh... has the biggest & best priced range of sex machines in Australia

Is your online sex store for both men and women?

Absolutely! Shhh… are strong believers in sexual empowerment and sexual happiness, whether it’s on your own, as a couple, or as a group. Our online sex store sells toys for men and women, both hetero & LGBTQ+ - couples toys, and other toys for adult games.

Why are online adult sex shops popular in Australia?

Online sex stores are popular in Australia as well as in many other countries. For some people, the thought of walking into a shop and buying sex toys over the counter is still a slightly uncomfortable experience. Buying new sex toys should be a fun experience, and doing it through an online store that uses a discreet shipping method is still preferred by many. We all have our wild side and should be able to experiment and enjoy our love life to a whole new level in our own home without feeling uncomfortable or like we’re getting judged. Sex shopping online with Shhh… allows you to buy the perfect toy from an adult shop with a huge collection in total discretion and have it be a pleasurable experience.

Hismith HS06 Sex Machine LUXE LILAC package - APP, remote control & silicone dildo.

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Hismith HS06 Sex Machine LUXE LILAC package - APP, remote control & silicone dildo.

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