Mirror on wheels with adjustable angle Black frame

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Large mirror on wheels with adjustable angle. Black frame.

Sturdy & stable with its projecting feet, and lockable castor wheels so it stays where you want it.

What better addition to your pleasure room than this fully portable, adjustable mirror!
With its wheels and adjustable angle, this mirror can be moved all around your BDSM bench or restraint chair, so your sub can see what's happening to them! 

Standing, restrained subs can get a great 3rd person view of themselves being subjected to your wicked attention. The tiltable mirror enables a sub on his/her back to see what's happening at their other end! Or use 2 mirrors - 1 at each end - for subs face-down or on their hands & knees. 

It's not only perfect for the BDSM environment; it is just as handy in the bedroom, as you can move it all around the bed to get a perfect reflection of the hot action. Or how about using it along with one of our sex machines, so you & your partner can BOTH watch the relentless pounding? The applications for this versatile mirror really are endless!!

And as with all Shhh... non-sexual products, this item can also be used in your daily life, providing you excellent value for money. Use it as a dress mirror by day, and for fun at night!

Dimensions: With frame and stand it is 440mm wide x 1520mm high. 
The mirror itself measures 400mm wide x 1200mm high.

Colour/finish: Black.

Delivery time note: Please allow approximately 5 working days for free delivery.
Some assembly is required. Product arrives in 2 boxes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Fantastic in our pleasure room

We love this mirror!! Me and the wife often do threesomes with my mate and she likes watching what both of us are doing to her. You can move it around the bed and also tilt it. It's awesome.

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