Steel Four Post bed frame - Queen

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This four poster bed frame will suit most living spaces and can be used as a very comfortable bed. But as with all Shhh... non-sexual products, it has been selected because it can also be used in a sexual way. The steel frame that surrounds the bed can be used as a standing restraint frame, to attach ropes and chains. 

It's the perfect economical alternative to top end BDSM products like Shhh...s purpose built BDSM Pleasure Bed. You can hold your slave in almost any position, whether on the bed or off it. A great way to practice BDSM if you're on a budget, or if the size of your living space simply won't allow you a separate area. 

Perfect bed for a guest room - when no-one's sleeping over, the guest room can be your own private pain & pleasure room!  
When used as a bed, the thirteen wooden slats provide flawless support for a single mattress, without the need for any additional foundation. 

Available in Single, Double & Queen. There's surely one to fit your space.  

Please note: The top rail of this bed is NOT strong enough to support the full weight of a person. Do not use the frame for body suspension, or to hold someone up. It should be used as a tether point only. For hardcore use like body suspension, refer to the Shhh... Pleasure Bed.    

Colour: Powder coated black
Overall length: 1950mm
Internal length: 1870mm
Overall width: 920mm
Internal width: 840mm 
Height from floor to top rail: 2100mm
Height from mattress surface to top rail: 1575mm (with 20cm thick mattress)
Frame base height off floor: 325mm
Frame dimensions - posts: 40mm x 40mm
Frame dimensions - top rail: 30mm x 30mm

Package content:
1 x 4 Four Poster Single Bed Frame
Flat pack delivery, assembly required 

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