Waterproof PVC sheet & 2 pillow set - 3 sizes

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PVC sheet & 2 pillow set for messy, grown up play time by Toughage, leaders in inflatable sex accessories.
Durable and strong 0.2mm PVC sheet, black, fully liquid resistant so you can engage in all sorts of messy activities such as body oils, water sports etc. Use it on your bed or spread it out on the floor. 
Included are a pair of inflatable PVC pillows. Not much point in only having the sheet - you want to be comfortable too, right? With these inflatable PVC pillows you wont risk accidentally ruining your regular pillows, and the BIG bonus is they can also be used as sex position pillows - bend your partner face down over them, or raise their hips to the perfect height. So much more than just a headrest, and fully waterproof. Inflate them to exactly the right size to suit your needs! 

Easy to wipe down or wash. Give the set a quick wash upon delivery to eliminate any residual factory process smells. Once washed, leave the sheet and pillows to air dry.  Caution: Do not tumble dry & do not wash product in very hot water. 

Available in 3 sizes:
210cm x 130cm
210cm x 170cm 
210cm x 210cm

Delivery time note: This is a special order item, so please allow 2 to 2½ weeks' for free delivery. However we do have comparative products that are immediately available.

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