Toughage bed size inflatable contoured sex Sofa 155cm.

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Toughage inflatable contoured sex sofa 155cm. 

Your new Toughage sex sofa takes up very little space when deflated, so it can be stored out of the way easily. Despite its main function being a sex sofa, it can also be used as a daily piece of lounge furniture - great for a relaxing read or watching TV, making it a great value, multi-function piece for smaller living spaces. Its modest design gives no suggestion as to what it really is! And the compact deflated size means you can even take it away with you.  

The Toughage 155 is a large size contoured sex sofa that increases comfort and enhances pleasure for both partners during lovemaking. The curved design of the sofa provides ease of access to numerous sexual positions, and enables deeper, more satisfying penetration. Supported by the sofa, users report less fatigue than they would normally experience in those positions without support. This full sized sofa offers more complete back support and more sex position opportunities. Turned the other way, used as a head/backrest, it provides you total comfort while receiving or giving oral pleasure, and increases your field of vision.

The 155 is perfect for users with permanent disability or those with temporary reduced mobility due to injury. Full support makes the sofa safe and stable to use. The various levels also make it easier to get onto from a wheelchair. 

The entire sofa is made of PVC so it is waterproof, and can be washed, staying clean and hygienic. The surface has a soft, velour-like feel. Tough and durable, the Toughage 155 is a very useful piece of sex furniture. Best inflated with an electric mattress pump.

L: 155cm
W: 89cm
H:  65cm 
Colour: Black & White

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