Dillio Platinum Big Hero - Peach - Peach 15.2 cm (6'') Dong

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The Dillio® Platinum Collection is made with platinum-cured silicone for the HIGHEST degree of purity. This ultra-clean silicone exhibits strength, durability, flexibility, and non-reactivity with bodily fluids and skin. It is often the material of choice for medical devices because of its many outstanding features. The solid suction cup offers superior performance and gives you more versatility & convenience during use. It was specifically designed to be used with the Body Dock® and other universal strap-on harnesses. Every Dillio® Platinum is responsibly crafted with compliant materials and carefully checked to match our top quality guidelines. You can enjoy every Dillio® Platinum masterpiece with full confidence! - Made with the highest quality platinum-cured silicone - Non-sticky, smooth surface - Super-strong suction cup base - Great for all user levels! - Compatible with Body Dock® & other strap-on harnesses Weights & Dimensions Product Overall Width (cm): 3.8 Product Overall Length (cm): 17.2 Insertable Length (cm): 15.2 Care Instructions: Dillio® Platinum silicone dildos easily clean with warm water and antibacterial cleaner. For extra comfort, use a water-based lubricant like Wicked Simply Aqua. Caution: Only Use with water-based lubricants.

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