Natural Basalt Hot Massage Stone Set - 20 pcs with heating bag

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20 piece Natural Basalt hot massage stone set, including a cloth heater bag,

Basalt stones are the most popular choice of stone by therapists, as not only do they retain heat due to their high density & polished finish, but they are also the most comfortable and convenient shaped stone to use.

Designed for treatments on the back, buttocks, stomach, arm, thigh, calf and back of the neck. Basalt is rich with iron and magnesium, which makes these stones very effective in massage treatments.

100% Natural Black Basalt; Excellent for holding heat for long periods of time; Rich with iron and magnesium. Shaped and polished by traditional handcraft, no wax, dyestuff, or chemicals are applied.

The Package Includes:
  Drawstring Heater Bag / Cable
   4 stones 4½cm x 6½cm
   4 stones 5cm x 6cm
   4 stones 6cm x 6cm
   8 stones 3cm x 4cm

Delivery time note: This is a special order item from outside Australia. Please allow 2-2½ weeks for free shipping to your door.

The stones should be pre-heated to 55℃. The rounded, narrow edges can also be used to pressurize and knead particularly tense muscles and areas during treatments.

Material: Natural Basalt
Color: Black


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