Mirror wall tile pack self adhesive Diamond design

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Sets of self adhesive mirror tiles in diamond design. For those who like to watch themselves in action. 

Create a custom mirror of any width and any height, to suit your exact requirements. Perfect for use on the shower wall or parallel to the bath. Being so light, they're perfect & safe to use on the ceiling above the bed, or a wall adjacent to the bed. Have them around the walls of your bondage room. Mount them on the wall next to the sofa. Or on the back of the toilet or bathroom door. Next to the jacuzzi..... so many sexy applications. 

Light, inexpensive and very versatile. Being so thin and made of plastic, you can even cut them to the shape you want! Comes with a paper adhesive backing and blue vinyl protective film on the mirror face. 

Various pack sizes available: 
Small: 17 pcs - makes up to a 50cm x 50cm mirror,
Medium: 32 pcs - makes up to a 50cm x 100cm mirror,
Large: 58 pcs - makes up to a 100cm x 100cm mirror.

Delivery time note: for this special order item please allow 2 to 2½ weeks for free delivery to your door.

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