Latex Hood by TopGrade. Unisex Open Mouth and Eyes

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High end quality latex hood, unisex. Open mouth and eyes. Covered nose, holes for nostrils.
Contrast red/black design.
Zipper from crown to rear neckline.

Brand Name: HLKW
Material: Latex

Delivery time note: for this made upon order product allow approx. 2½ weeks' delivery.

A special, important note regarding the shine of latex! Despite how manufacturers advertise their products & what you see in the media, latex products are oftentimes NOT shiny when they are shipped from the factory. They are usually dull and are normally protected with a dust of talcum powder. Latex products need to be polished to bring out their oily, shiny appearance. We recommend using latex polishing products such as Eros Bodyglide or Eros Cult Dressing Aid.

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