Latex ball gloves High End quality 100% latex handmade

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Latex ball gloves High End quality product 100% latex handmade. Colour: Red or Black

These gloves extend past the start of the wrist and are equipped with a restraint tether ring as well as fastening strap with metal buckles.

These Latex Ball gloves are at the high end of the quality spectrum Shhh... offers in our Latex fetish category. Hand made using 100% pure latex sheet of 0.4mm. Suited to seasoned enthusiasts of latex culture who demand the very best quality.
A range of sizes available from XS through to XXL.

Delivery time note: for this Special Order item please allow¬†up to 2¬Ĺ weeks for free delivery. We¬†may¬†however have comparable items in this category available for immediate delivery.

A special, important note regarding the shine of latex! Despite how manufacturers advertise their products & what you see in the media, latex products are oftentimes NOT shiny when they are shipped from the factory. They are usually dull and are normally protected with a dust of talcum powder. Latex products need to be polished to bring out their oily, shiny appearance. We recommend using latex polishing products such as our Wet Stuff Elite Silicone Bodyglide. It is in our Latex Fetish page.

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