Hismith HS06 Sex Machine D package with App, Remote & 5 attachments

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Hismith HS06 Sex machine D-package. App & remote control with 3 dildos, extension rod & adaptor for suction cup dildos


This is the most complete all rounder package, to suit anyone. Not only do you get 3 dildos, but also a dildo adaptor plate that works with any suction cup dildo. So you can use all of your own existing toys, or buy non-Hismith toys and still be able to use them with your Hismith machine! Such great value. And on top of that you get a 30cm rigid extension rod to extend the reach of your machine. Great for use on the bed or any other place where the standard reach of the machine is insufficient. 

  • ✅  Silent: Very smooth slide, combined with mute motor is less than 50db.
  • ✅  Super Core Motor: Powerful mute turbine motor, ensures the machine's penetration power never stops.
  • ✅  Speed Control: Comes with a speed governor so you can control speed precisely.
  • ✅  Multi-angle adjustment: You can change the angle to meet your different sex positions.
  • ✅  Free shipping direct to your door within 8-15 working days (according to distance).

Delivery time: Please allow approx. 14 days for free shipping by DHL international.
Free Worldwide delivery is also available (with electrical plug for your region - contact us to order at:

Your HS06 Bundle D App package includes:
1 × Updated Hismith HS06 Premium Sex Machine
1 × App Control + Remote Control + Wired speed control pad
1 × Hismith 20cm FDA silicone realistic dildo
1 × Hismith 22cm flexible silicone dildo with KlicLok connector
1 × Hismith huge 23cm silicone dildo with KlicLok connector
1 × Hismith 30cm extension rod
1 × Hismith Suction cup adaptor plate (for all suction cup dildos)

L×W×H:  46.8cm × 26.0cm × 44.9cm
Weight: 11.2 kg
Input Voltage: 110-240 V
Motor Power: 100 W
Telescopic Distance: 3cm - 15cm)
Thrusting Speed: 0-240 strokes per minute
Max noise level at full speed: <50 dB

Why Choose a Hismith Premium Sex Machine?
✅ 240 RPM It's equal to 4 strokes per second, give you amazing sexual fun.
✅ <50 dB at full speed, abandon yourself in your private space.
✅ 20 Modes - choose the speed you like, from 0 to 240 RPM.
✅ 10 positions at least, no more boring single angle to adapt to like other machines

Important notes:
Please confirm that you have screwed down the knob before you start the machine.
Please do not try to adjust the thrust depth when the machine is working.

We suggest you use medium depth setting the first time, and get used to the depth gradually.
Please use 1% Benzalkonium, Bromide or 75% medical alcohol to disinfect the machine before you use it for the first time.
It's necessary to use some lubricant, to improve your sexual experience.

Legal Disclaimer:
You purchase & use this product at your own risk. Neither Hismith, nor Shhh... take any responsibility or liability for the use of this product. Proper use also includes compliance with the Quick Start Guide and the warnings listed. Furthermore, Hismith & Shhh... reserve the right to revise this publication and make changes to the contents herein without obligation to notify any person of such revision. Applicable for all products. Models may be changed for improvements without prior notice. 

1 year warranty against defect. This guarantee does not cover: Damage due to improper use, use with inauthentic connectors or cosmetic defects that do not hinder the operation of the appliance. The guarantee becomes void if repairs are undertaken by unauthorized personnel. Refer to the Shhh... Terms of Sale for more details.

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Janice w
what a climax

my god this machine is good, it doesnt matter now if hubby leaves.

Sarah Marrickville NSW

Arrived really fast and hubby couldn't wait to assemble it ha ha. Got a great pounding that same night. I love this thing!

Hismith HS06 Sex Machine LUXE LILAC package - APP, remote control & silicone dildo.

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Hismith HS06 Sex Machine LUXE LILAC package - APP, remote control & silicone dildo.

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