Hand fetish - female hand & wrist pair with positionable fingers

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Hand fetish - female hand and wrist replica with positionable fingers, to wrap around and hold..., well, anything! Suitable for male and female use as a fetish object, masturbatory device or simply for adoration. 

Available in 2 skin tones, caucasian (Skin) with finger bones and tan (Wheat) with finger bones. Either can be purchased as a pair, or as individual hands..

An anatomically correct and life size replica of female hands, including the wrist to mid forearm, for hand devotees. The fingers on this high end model have simulated bones so can be moved individually and fixed into any position you require. Amazingly realistic life-like appearance and skin feeling, with fine skin details such as skin creases at the knuckles and joints, finger prints, realistic colour variations and a skin surface with all the minute skin patterns and friction ridges of a real hand and fingers. Refer to the product photos - it's quite impressive.

Wrist circumference is 15.8 cm and at the cut/forearm end it is 17.3 cm diameter. The width of the palm is 7cm- Overall length of the product is 27cm. 

For sexual use the sky's the limit for women or men; fingers can positioned to hold, probe, cup or scratch, and the perfect anatomical replication makes it very suitable for HD photography. Soft, safe silicone, easy to clean. 

Delivery time: for this item please allow 2 to 2½ weeks' delivery.

Factory care notes:
The silicone surface is easily stained, avoid dressing the product in non-colourfast clothes as colours may leech into the silicone.
Do not place product on ink containing substances such as newspapers and magazines.
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight age the rubber surface & shorten its life
If there are some indentations on the surface on delivery, soak the product in very hot (not boiling) water for a while, and the indentations will disappear slowly.
If the product becomes dirty, clean it with a shower gel or detergent, dry it off with a microfiber cloth and add some talcum powder to keep the surface soft. For pairs, keep both products separated with a non coloured cloth during storage, especially in warm weather. This is to avoid the silicone sticking to each other in high temperatures. If the products do become stuck do NOT try to prise them apart as you may damage the surface. Soak them in very hot water /not boiling until they separate naturally).

Delivery time note: for this item please allow 2 to 2½ weeks' delivery.
Product reference: Painting Teaching Kit Fake Hand Model Art Silicone Female Male Display practice fingers for acrylic nails Plastic S6

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