Foot fetish male masturbation device - female foot.

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Foot fetish male masturbation device - female foot.
An anatomically correct and life size replica of a female foot, including lower shin, with a vagina opening on the sole for enthusiasts to use for masturbation. Arched foot stance so standing upright it can be admired alone or placed into a high heel shoe. Alternatively, laying it on its side reveals the detailed sole. Or it can be sat flat with the shin pointing back.

Life like appearance and realistic skin feeling, with fine lifelike details such as skin creases above the heel and a skin surface with all the minute lines and fissures of a real foot. The internal shaft of the opening is detailed like a real vagina to provide maximum & realistic stimulation while admiring the appearance of the foot. Soft, safe silicone, easy to clean.
Package contains 1 Right female foot.      

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Made of medical grade hygienic silicone.
Dimensions: Length 22cm x height 17cm from arch to shin

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