Flexible phone holder desktop or body mount.

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The team at Shhh... can think of some very naughty reasons to own one of these!
Note: it doesn't just hang around your neck. You can hang it anywhere. And the tubing is bendable so you can position your phone at just the right angle & height to film...., well, anything. You can use it as a phone stand on your desk - or, eherm... next to you on the bed.....  
Just manipulate the tube into the position you wish for the right height and angle. 

1. It is a multi-functional mobile phone holder, with four colours to choose from.
2. When you are lying down, sitting, standing, you can hang it around your neck, hang it off your waist. Or use it as a desktop phone holder, selfie stick, etc.
3. Free up your hands, watch movies on your mobile phone, chat, and video chat while on your laptop, etc.
4. The bracket adopts high quality and environmental protection foam cotton, which is non-slip and breathable, elastic and not easy to be flattened. It is very comfortable and will not make the neck feel compressed.
5. The aluminium-magnesium tube is freely adjustable and bent into your desired shape
6. 360-degree screw chuck can be adjusted to your desired angle.
7. Jaws can reach 10cm wide, suitable for 75mm - 100mm mobile phones.

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