Everfit 30 Speed Massage Gun 6 Head Vibration Muscle Massager Percussion Relief Green

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Whether you're a hard-core gym junkie, a dedicated office worker or recovering from an injury, you'll find relief with an Everfit Massage Gun. With a powerful high-torque motor, the massage gun allows for high-frequency vibration at 3000 strokes per minute and penetrates deeply for muscle relaxation from the comfort of home. The massage gun uses long-lasting and efficient rechargeable lithium batteries that allow the gun to run for up to two hours. There are 30 speed levels to suit various purposes; from simply waking up your muscles to relieving lactic acid and assisting muscle recovery after exercising, or even intense professional-level massages. The non-slip rubber handle provides a comfortable grip to reduce hand fatigue, and the device operates quietly for a comfortable massage experience. The smart touch LED display makes it easy to customize your massage experience. With six unique head attachments, the Everfit Massage Gun can help you dissipate fatigue, relax your muscles and relieve neck and back pain. Gets yours today and continue your fitness journey in comfort.

Powerful motor
3000 strokes/min high-frequency vibration
Smart touch LED display
30-gear speed levels
Low noise glide technology
Long-lasting and highly efficient lithium batteries
6 head attachments
USB charging cable
Made for dissipating fatigue, relaxing muscles, relieving neck and back pains

Speed regulation: 30 gear control
Power: 25W
Frequency: 1200-3000R/MIN
Amplitude: 6-9MM
Endurance time: 2H
Battery: 2000MAH
Battery Voltage: 12V
Output Voltage: 12V
Head attachments: 6
Product Size: 24.5x4.5x21.5cm

Package Content
Everfit Massage Gun X1
Massage Head X6
Carry Bag X1


This product comes with 1 year warranty

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