Deluxe Rigid Spreader Bar with 4 cuffs

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Deluxe Rigid Spreader Bar with 4 cuffs. Free shipping Australia wide.

Strap your sub into this comfortable yet efficient spreader bar to heighten the excitement & raise the sense of anticipation. This bondage device is designed to spread the ankles wide apart and trap the wrists in between them. Put your sub into a doggy style position or flip them over and use the device as leverage as you plow into them. The adjustable cuffs are cushioned so that your partner will stay comfortable during long sessions of spankings, multiple orgasms, or whatever you have in mind! The locking buckles ensure that your lover will not escape until you are done with them! 

Measurements: Bar measures 16 inches in length, 2.25 inches in width. All cuffs measure 2.25 inches in width and adjust between 6 and 10.5 inches in circumference. 

Material: PU leather, metal. 

Color: Black. 

Note: Heavy duty. Locks not included.

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