Cylindrical stools in a range of colours to suit your playroom

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The perfect, practical addition to a play room or chamber. These cylindrical stools are the perfect support for all kinds of wonderful acts - whether you're giving, or receiving! Also makes a good attendance chair next to other BDSM equipment your slave is tied down to.

Available in 2 heights, 28cm or 32cm.
Diameter: 32cm

The 32cm diameter of both height stools allows unencumbered 360 degree movement. Strong and sturdy, and with a moisture resistant surface which is easy to clean. Versatile and simplistic in design to blend in with various decor. Available in a range of colours to be oscure or to add a vibrant splash, from the pure of white & pink, to the sinister of red & black.

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Product reference: Fashion round bench creative leather stool sofa adult bench sex furniture vanity chair Free delivery Free shipping Australia New Zealand

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