Kokos Cock Sleeve 001

Kokos Cock Sleeve 001

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Kokos' Cock sleeve is applied with a variety of designs and functions; designed for extending the size of penis, delaying ejaculation time, and boosting satisfaction of women. Bigger Becoming bigger with confidence. Excitement is felt with insertion-convenient and sleek glans and more pressure with thicker penis. Long Becoming long size effect! The large bead projection goes into deep, stimulates the inside, and so powerful stimulation can be delivered. Strong An intense, long lasting feeling! The big bead projections stimulate a woman's G spot more powerfully, and increase unrelenting ecstasy and satisfaction. - Colour: Oriental Skin - Size: 46 x 51 x 176 mm - Weight: 140g - Material: TPE Errors in size and weight may occur in the measuring method and manufacturing process. Use the adequate amount of massage gel before using the product.

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