Backdrop Set for erotic photography with Grey background

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A great backdrop set for erotic photography & making naughty videos in the privacy & comfort of your own home. Achieve studio quality results with this complete background set that is height and width adjustable!

Background sheet colour: Grey

2 Size choices:

Size 1: 260cm x 300cm (Max erected height 2.6m / Max erected width 3.0m)
Size; 2: 200cm x 300cm (Max erected height 2.0m / Max erected width 3.0m)

And of course, as with all products in the Shhh... Lifestyle range, you can use this for everyday events too - parties, events or product promotion for your home business!

Set includes:

2 x height-adjustable telescopic tripod (side) stands
1 x width-adjustable cross bar (3 pieces)
1 x backdrop cloth
2 x cross bar cloth clips
2 x side cloth tension clips
1 x carry bag

Delivery time: This is a specialist product from one of our overseas suppliers. Please allow approximately 5-6 weeks for delivery to your door. 

Delivery remarks:

There will be fold creases / wrinkles on the cloth when you open the package due to folding the product for efficient shipping. However the cloth can be made wrinkle free again by being GENTLY ironed or steamed while hanging on the frame.

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