Maia DOLLY Mini Wand Vibrator - Pink

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Maia Novelties says Hello Dolly! Dolly is only mini in size, not in power. Dolly sports 10-function motor and is a powerful little mini-wand. Dolly is coated in 100% body safe, silky soft Silicone and is fully rechargeable. Dolly is controlled by push button and is 100% waterproof Dolly measures a little over 12.7 cm in length. We also include a USB Charging Cable.

- 10-Function Mini Wand - 100% Medical Grade Silicone coating - Available in 4 colours - USB Rechargeable with Charger Cable included - Fast charge time of 2 hours - Run time of 40 minutes CHARGING INFORMATION:WARNING! DO NOT PULL BACK THE SILICONE TO REVEAL THE CHARGING PORT

- Charging the product to a full charge is recommended before use. - To charge this product, insert the charging cable into the silicone charging port. The charging port is located by the DC sign - Puncture the toy/silicone charging port with the charging cable, and the cable will fit snug into place. It is ok if you feel some resistance when trying to puncture the silicone charging port. - When your toy Is fully charged, the power button lights will become solid. If the lights are flashing, this mean the product is not fully charged. - Only use USB cable that is included with the product. - For best results, do not charge for extended periods of time. Recommended max charging time is 3 hours. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: Press and hold POWER BUTTON for 3 seconds to turn unit on and off. Press Control Buttons to select levels.

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