Hismith Accessory HSC21 Flexible spring extension rod


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Hismith Accessory HSC21 Flexible spring extension rod
Connection type: KlicLok

Hismith Spring Attachment for KlicLok Sex Machines
Reference:Β HSC21

With this spring adapter rod, you can enjoy penetrating pleasure without needing to adjust your machine – or yourself – to the exact position. The flexible, springy rod allows your dildo to bend around to meet your position. So you can wiggle & jiggle while your machine pleasures you. You don't need to maintain your posture for a long time; you can move a little and the dildo will still find its mark! This item made from high-quality stainless-steel material, super bounce back power. An innovative idea to fully enjoy machine sex.
Suits KlicLok connector machines only

Total Length: 12cm
Effective extension length: 10.5cm
Spring Length: 5.6cm
Material: Alloy spring steel & Stainless steel

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