Screeny Weeny 6.0 Uncircumcised Latino Brown

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The ScreenyWeeny is the worldā€™s best fake-penis. Most authentic, reliable, easy to use.

The unique Push and Piss function makes it ideal for selective use on an important ā€œdateā€ and itā€™s one-handed operation means it is always ready for use immediately.

Each ScreenyWeeny is delivered with 2x 80 ml synthetic urine, an empty bag for practice, a thermo bag for keeping the urine warm, one pack of HeatPaxx and a refill syringe.

German designed and engineered.

Facts & benefits:

  • The different types of ScreenyWeeny were all cast from real todgers to ensure aĀ completely authentic look
  • Strap it on and get peeing
  • No additional handles required, simpleĀ one-handed operationĀ (ultimate one-handed fake penis)
  • The thermo-sachet guarantees an optimum long-lastingĀ ā€œoperating temperatureā€
  • 100% secure and reliable,Ā no dripping or leaking
  • The flow of urine is started by putting a light pressure on the underside of the ScreenyWeeny, and stopped again immediately by releasing it
  • The urine sachets can be reclosed
  • The thermo-sachet can be adjusted to fit all sizes from S to XXXL thanks to the adjustable strap
  • Our fully cast ScreenyWeeny is made from high-quality makeup silicone

Ā Guide to warming up the urine sachets:

In the summer leave in the sun for a short while; in the winter warm on a radiator or in a bath of water. The new HeatPaxx heating pads are also perfectly suited to warming up the urine sachets.Ā The thermo-sachet keeps the desired temperature of the urine sachet constant for at least 6 hours.

Included:Ā 1x ScreenyWeeny 6.0 circumcized "White/Mulatte" -Ā 2x 80Ā ml synthetic urine with different values, 1x empty sachet (for practice or for urine from other source), 1x thermo-sachet (for maintaining at a warm temperature and attaching), 1x HeatPaxx heating pad, 1x refill-syringe (20 ml)

When the urine sachet is first used or replaced, the tube and the plug must be completely dry and locked together with a little pressure.

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