Piss Feeder Tube & Gag Set for Slave or Self - Male

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The Piss Feeder Tube & Gag set is a simple and versatile watersports tool, for use with a partner or by yourself. With a PU leather head strap & a bite-bit to secure the mouth gag, a silicone feeder tube, and a penile cannula within a stretchable cock cage that fits over the penis. Perfect for Pissing Sex and BDSM play. Piss into your partner's mouth, or into your own!

The piss feeder tube & gag set is safe, non-toxic, easy to clean and comfortable to wear. Using the cock cage, the metal end of the silicone tube is inserted into the urethra so that urine can flow up the tube and through the gag into your mouth.

One size only, suitable for most men's penis size. 3 colours available

  • The length of the silicone tube is 98cm
  • Cock cage
  • Total Length: 13 cm
  • Cock Hole Diameter: 3.5 cm
  • Balls Hole Diameter: 2.5 cm

Delivery time: This is a specialist fetish product from one of our overseas suppliers. Please allow up to 2¬Ĺ weeks' for free delivery to your door.

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